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Hey team. On this page you will find all things related to being apart of the Hudson Valley rebels. Please read all the information on this page and take appropriate action. See you on the field!


First thing: Please send us your contact information by filling out this form: HVRC Membership Information


Senior Player membership dues (anyone who joined in 2018 or prior) are $150 a year.


Rookie Player membership dues (anyone who joined in 2019) are $100 a year.


And before you freak out about that number, take a moment to ponder what it gets you and the team. It pays for the grass under your feet, both during training and matches. It pays for the lines and equipment we use to play and hone our skills. It pays for referees and match day costs. It pays for the beer you drink and the food you eat when we host visiting teams. It gets us into the USA Rugby league and tournaments. It doesn't pay for this website. But it does pay for the shirts we wear for each match.


It also pays for a load of other stuff that you don't need to worry about, but without it, there would be no rugby for you or any of your team mates. So please step up and help fund the team!


Payment of dues can be done online here from the website using PayPal, or by check or cash given to Jonathan Taee, the team treasurer. You can pay upfront, or in installments. But please know this is an honor system, and no one is going to chase you for you your payment. So it is up to you to support the team and pay in a timely manner.





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USA Rugby registration & insurance/cipp

Register with USA Rugby: In order to be eligible to play in matches for the Hudson Valley Rugby Club, you must be registered as an active player with USA Rugby, the national governing body for the sport of rugby union in the United States. When you register with USA Rugby you must be sure to do so as a team member of the "Hudson Valley Rugby Football Club" - i.e. let them know where your allegiances lie.

Rugby Player Insurance: Registering with USA Rugby will also provide you with player insurance, or what is often called CIPP. This will cost you about $90, and is mandatory for rugby players playing in official teams and leagues nationwide. The player insurance will provide you with a printable insurance card that can be used at any hospital if you are injured as a result of playing rugby with the team. Find out more here: USA Rugby Insurance

Register with usa rugby & get insurance/cipp

Facebook and getting social

Join the Facebook Group: Our team is very active within our Facebook group, sharing news, photos, match and training updates, player info and other important... and not so important stuff. Make sure you join to keep up to date with the lads and ladies, and all the mindful wisdom they share.

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Donate to our rugby club

We rely on community support to dress the team, host visitors and run the club. We need your support!


Any donation you make is tax deductible due to our 501(c)(3) status. We sincerely thank you for your support!

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