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We invite everyone to come and play rugby with us! Regardless of talent, experience, size, strength, gender, fears, commitments and felonies, we want a rugby ball in your hands and you passing that ball down our line. It's never too late to get involved. And today is a great day to start playing! Reach out to us and we will welcome you in.



Never touched a rugby ball but still feel its allure? Perhaps you watch a lot of rugby but have never played? Come and learn how to play with us. Join a training session and we will teach you all the basics of the game and get you stuck in with the team. Our experienced players love welcoming new passion to the sport and can get you up to speed. We will also help with fitness and deciding on a tactical position for you to play. If you keep showing up and putting in the hard work, there is a good chance you can play with us in a match, just like Othon, our latest fresh meat!

The Hudson Valley Rugby Club needs you. Our team is only as strong as the people who play. And we are always in need of new players. If you have played before and want to again, we will welcome you to the club. We take our passion and sport seriously, so this means training hard and showing up to matches, wherever they may be. If you are looking for your next club to vent that rugby steam, we are it. Get in touch with us, let us know who you are and where your hail from, and come to a training session or match. We are waiting for you.


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