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The Hudson Valley Rugby Football club was established in 2001 to promote and support the sport of rugby in the Hudson Valley region. The team, also known as "The Rebels", is comprised of Hudson Valley male players who practice regularly and play matches in USA Rugby's Social League.   The team is registered as one of USA Rugby's 2,000 men's, women's, university and under-19 clubs and contributes to the organization's greater 50,000 members. The Hudson Valley Rugby Club is also a registered tax exempt non-profit organization, 501(c)(3).   The team travels and hosts competing rugby teams throughout the Northeast, primarily from Connecticut, New York City, Long Island and New Jersey.


The Hudson Valley Rugby Football Club, Inc, 501 (c) 3, is dedicated to growing the sport of rugby in the Hudson Valley. We work to create opportunities to play, participate in, support, enjoy and learn rugby. We create this access to the sport for everyone and anyone interested in participating. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sexuality, politics, gender, fitness, or experience in the sport. We work to create an environment of acceptance, respect, equality, equal-access, equal-rights, and social support.   The Hudson Valley Rugby Club has zero-tolerance for discrimination of any type, including any activities of hate, hate-speech, prejudice, bigotry, sexism, racism, gender discrimination, ageism, ableism, classism, misogyny, xenophobia, inequity, intolerance or anti-semitism. Any member participating in discrimination will be removed as a member of the club and will not be permitted to attend any club events, including practices, socials, and matches.   We believe that rugby can and should be enjoyed by everyone, and that it takes a community of supporting, open-minded and accepting players to build a safe, happy, competitive and beneficial club. We are constantly working to improve our club in the realms of openness, acceptance and safety. We welcome any feedback which can be sent to hudsonvalleyrugbyclub@gmail.com.

Meet Some Rebels

The guys who play for the Hudson Valley Rugby Football Club aren't special herculean gods, although they'd like you to think otherwise. They are just simple working men who for one reason or another fell in love with rugby and want to keep playing. Some are old, some are young, some have families, some have been playing for years, others only months. While their experience levels, motivations and everyday lives are very different, they come together as one team with a united vision - to play rugby, to win and to have some fun doing it. Here are a few of them:   NOTICE! NEW 2018/19OFFICERS WILL BE LISTED SOON

Timothey Bradley

Club Ex-President


Every time I look at Nick sliding on a Rebels jersey and taping up his fingers, I count my blessings that he's on my side. He's got the physical presence of a 300 warrior and the guts of a soldier. He puts in the work and pushes the whole team forwards with his positive attitude and aggressive play. He also is quickly becoming our main kicker, with a mean boot that sends that penalty ball sailing towards the side line. The question still remains however, why does his hair grow so abundantly down, and not up?

John "College" Stelmack

Club Ex-President


John has been playing rugby for a long time... a looooong time. But according to his consistent 80 minute performances on the field each week, not long enough! He brings his experience to all aspects of the club, both on and off the pitch. His in-game instructionals while we are brutally loosing, fueled by exhaustion and rage, are renowned. Rookies beware, he's gonna be shelling out tough lessons when you 'f' up. But, and annoyingly so, he always seems to be right, and on point. This dude got game and vision.

Calvin Wing

Ex Social Chair


Calvin Wing joined the club last year, playing the position... wait for it... wing. He's quickly graduated to the centers and even played a few games as Fly Half. His consistency at practice and at matches has earned him a permanent position in the roster, as well in the respect of the players around him. His charming personality, phenomenal organizing skills and quality attitude had him voted into Social Chair... ORRRrrrrrr he was just suckered into doing it. Come to our drink ups and parties and find out how he's doing.

Keith Terlizzi

Team Captain


During the week Keith works as the "good cop" alongside Tim, but on the weekend he leads the Rebels into battle. An experienced player in his own right, he helps elevate the team's performance both in weekly training sessions and matches. Although he might not look it, Keith is light on his feet, and can pirouette his way through the enemy's pack like Tinkerbell on redbull. His drives are hard and direct, his mauling cohesive and auditory, and his leadership in the forwards is peerless.

Timothey Bradley

Club Ex-President


By day Tim works as the "bad cop" in a large shopping mall, where he tackles shoplifters mid-escape and interrogates them until they plead guilty. In the evenings he is the impressive father to four kids. On Wednesday practices and Saturday matches though, he's tackling and inciting fear into our opponents. He is lightening fast and a sharp turner, punching through holes in the opposition's back line like a steal rod through paper.

Jonathan Jones

Inside/Outside Centre


I don't care if he gets pissed, I'll say it, Jonathan is an old dude. The guy is pushing 36 years, and has a family of five and a significant hair loss problem. But damn can that man run! Each week he is not only commanding the back line in any and all positions, but also faking, goose stepping, intercepting and side stepping the opposition asunder. He's got moves perfected through years of training and experience. He's that player that on game day, when you look behind you and he's standing there, you feel capable.

Othon Costa

Fresh Meat


Hailing from Brazil and recently married and living in Hudson, NY, Othon is one of the newest members of the Hudson Valley Rugby Club. He is fresh on the game too, having just started in the summer of 2015. So he gets shouted at a lot when he handles the ball on the ground in the middle of a ruck, or when he sprints forwards with the ball into the pack but then stops before impact and does a salsa-like dance... but he turns up to every practice and every game, plays the full time and wants more, and is getting better every ball he touches and every maul he drives.

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